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Pre emergents

One important part to a successful growing season is a quality pre emergent barrier against weeds. As soil temperatures rise weeds in your lawn are trying to germinate. As the seed develops this pre emergent barrier will not allow roots to mature thus starving the plant of the nutrients it needs to break the surface of the soil. To be an effective pre emergent the product must be applied at least two weeks prior to germination. At Mathis Outdoors we are currently applying pre emergent from now until the end of spring.

Time for Fall Pre Emergent Applications!

Many people think spring is the time to start getting their lawn in shape for a sucessfull growing season.  That is not the case.  Late summer and early fall is the most importaint time of the year to have your lawn treated by a professional lawn treatment company.  Grassy weeds like nutsedge, crabgrass and dallis grass are treated in late summer and fall pre emergent applications start on September 1st.  A fall pre emergent application is the most importaint lawn treatment a property owner can apply.  Poa Annua is a cool season weed that will germinate in October and November.  You may recognize this weed as a bunch type turf that has large white seed heads in late spring (April – May)  Heavy stands of this weed will many times choke out desirable turf.  Property owners often spend all spring and summer trying to catch up while their turf is recovering from this incredibly invasive weed.  Give Mathis Outdoors Inc. a call today to have your lawn treated with quality products that will bring your lawn to it’s full potential.

Cory Mathis

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